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The Joel Company | Drama & Dance

God's word is better projected through pictures as it is usually difficult to forget what you see. Just as when a man has seen God's plan for his life in a picture, the likelihood is that he will diligently pursue that vision no matter the challenges until he sees it fulfilled based on the picture that he has seen.

Our presiding Bishop (Dr) David Oyedepo on May 2nd 1981 saw an array of helpless people beaten and battered and then he asked God, but why Lord and the Lord told him "But from the beginning, it was not so." He then asked God again, "But why Lord", and then the Lord spoke in clear terms...
And now the hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the word of faith and I'm sending you to undertake this task."
God's servant has been mocked severally and openly castigated, but what he saw (picture) for 18hrs on that great day in May always keeps him going.

At Winners Chapel Minnesota, we have the grace to put the word preached on the pulpit into pictures for better clarity for those who never forget what they see. To join the DRAMA team, kindly fill the form.