The Prayer Force - Winners Chapel Minnesota, USA

At Winners Chapel Minnesota, we are tasked with the responsibility of taking the prayer requests of first comers and new converts to God in prayer. This is principally done by our PRAYER FORCE team who come together once a week to cry to God with one accord and prevail on Him to answer these requests with speed. These group also pray for the church as a whole, lifting up each service, each team, every attendee, every member and even the nation.

We believe that God answers prayers and He does not turn back prayers. This gives us the confidence that whatsoever we take to Him as a team is answered. (Is 65:24). There are tremendous testimonies that attests to this fact.

We are firm in the power of corporate prayer which is why we encourage everyone to come together and pray as members are taught responsibility by learning to pray for themselves and others. We also know for a fact that you're important to God and when it comes to prayer, we believe that God wants to meet your needs and reveal His promises to you. So whatever is an issue of concern to you and need prayer for - we want you to know that there is a place for you at Winners Chapel Minnesota!

To be a part of what God is doing with this team, fill the Prayer Request Form and also join us on a convenient day within the week ss we come together to seek the face of God on these requests which are gathered in our "Ark of Testimonies" and which has presently culminated in Testimonies. Come expecting victory from every battle.

Jesus is Lord!!!

Prayer Meeting Schedule:

Tuesdays: - 6pm to 7pm
God Bless You!