Kingdom Service Application Form


Our dynamic Ushering team is responsible for welcoming worshippers and directing them to their seats. This is done with a warm smile always on their faces, They also assist in whatever capacity to ensure that worshippers are comfortable and that their needs are met during the services. e.g

  1. Directions to the restroom, assistance of nursing mothers.
  2. They are also tasked with maintaining order during meetings and services.
  3. They also minimize distractions such as crying babies and or ringing mobile phones during service.
Our ushering team boasts of wonderful men and women of God who are dedicated and are blessed with anointed and infectious smile that always sees new comers coming back.


At Winners Chapel Minnesota, we believe everybody is special according to scriptures to give honor to whom honor is due and also make sure all things are done in order according to 1 Cor 14:40) Let all things be done decently and in order.

  1. Our protocol team are therefore saddled with providing logistics and formalities during special services.
  2. Identifying visiting Minister's VIP's, church guests, special guests and appropriately attending to them.
  3. They are also saddled with processing and procuring guests travel documents and also guests transportation and accommodation.