Kingdom Service Application Form


Have you ever wondered how our church is usually so Pristine and Clean? We are committed women and men, devoted to making sure that the house of God is clean, tidy and well decorated for cleanliness is next to Godliness. These men and women are committed to serve God and the church in integrity, honour and humility.

Members of this Kingdom Service Unit:

  1. Maintain a well organised and orderly use of the Sanctuary before, during and after Services and liaise with other groups to ensure same.
  2. Ensure that the sanctuary is fit for the purpose of all church meetings i.e. clean, tidy, and well arranged.
  3. Arrange the sanctuary for the needs and the purpose of various services as needed.
  4. Tidy the church auditorium, children’s church, offices, convenience facilities and other church properties or venue as directed by the church authority.
  5. Ensure correct positioning of the pulpit and designated seats.
  6. Ensure that access and aisles are free of all obstructions.
  7. Ensure adequate provision for the disabled as the need arises.
  8. Provide adequate directions regarding conveniences and other sanitary facilities.
  9. Carry out proper waste management within the church premises.
  10. Are responsible for the safe keeping of lost or forgotten items in the church.
  11. Ensure that adequate air conditioning is maintained in liaison with the technical team During Service

To become a member of this Kingdom Service Unit. Please fill the form.