Kingdom Service Application Form


Members of this unit comprise of skilled and trained media personnel who are responsible for our graphics, T.V outreach programs, film editing and all forms of electronic and print media. They serve God in the furtherance of the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ through publication of the revelation of the Word of God.

The primary responsibility of the department is designing church programme posters and updating church website (members of this team support the pastorate in their duty to ensure that people who seek to know about the ministry can easily access this information via the internet). They are also responsible for arranging for photo/ video coverage of church programmes (in collaboration with the technical unit) Maintaining the church gallery page, which is intended to be a repository of important church event pictures.

They work in collaboration with other departments within the church to ensure that the website and church publications are up to date and have the relevant information that will be of help to the public.


Technical department of the church is responsible for maintenance of technical equipment and media coverage of the church.
Duties of the department include:

  1. Maintaining and setting up musical instruments, audio and visual equipment in the church for the service and other outreach programs.
  2. Recording messages of every services and special programmes and produce (or reproduce) CD and DVD.
  3. Creating/updating and publishing media information of the church.
  4. Setting up and maintaining IT and networking equipment in church.

Please fill the form to join this kingdom service group and be rest assured that you will reap the great benefits of Kingdom service as you get plugged in, in Jesus name! Email: